About Michael.


A fusion of creativity, an energy and passion - from raw materials… to the inspired building of art.

Michael Jenkins is a artist, builder and surfer. His artwork distils these important facts as influences as he manipulates materials with a recognisably coastal and industry aesthetic, in which both sourced and found objects are transformed by the elements and subsequently by the artist.

He works with old industrial signage, timbers from demolished homes, road signage or numberplates from foreign countries. 

He transforms these offcuts of civilisation, often recycling them, rescuing them from abandonment and landfill and finds a compositional beauty in the familiar symbols and signs of everyday life. These often repeating graphics of mass production have their own language, their own history of recollection, symbolic heydays and potential energy.

He recycles these materials intuitively, his vision captures the imagination and fires the spirit so we can share the visual journey that his artwork takes us on.