Building Art - Pop Up Exhibition

On April 5th, Michael and his wife, Vanessa, hosted the opening night of their collaborative exhibition "Building Art" in Mentone, Melbourne.

The name was inspired from the way that both Michael and Vanessa create art - as a form of assemblage. What was unique about this exhibition is that the building itself was part of what was on show - a tired old suburban accountancy transformed into something truly unique and striking. The building itself is a work of art and reflective of Michael and Vanessa’s ability to see beauty and potential where others might not.

A word from Michael:
The building of art and the art of building is about harnessing the energies within to transform vision to a reality, a zone of purity and commitment to fulfilment and the need to create.

A word from Vanessa:
I love the spirit in creation. The colours, the patterns, the composition complete the holistic vision of centred wellness that art brings to me. When I create, I’m free of other people’s perceptions, I’m free of being judged, I’m free to be myself. I love my art.